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The 48 Inch Mill

Our biggest mill is designed for larger bakeries that grind most or all of their flour in-house. This mill is an excellent choice for small grist mills. 


  • 48" Vermont Barre Gray granite stones

  • Stainless steel hopper with 300-lb grain capacity

  • Canvas sleeve and bucket cover for 55-gallon bucket 

  • Production rate: 200-300 lbs/hr when producing very fine flours; coarser milled products can be fed at a faster rate

  • Weight: approx. 4,000 lbs. 

  • Dimensions: 60"W x 72"D x 85"H

  • Can be wired for European and Australian power standards


  • 200-240V 60amp three phase dedicated circuit 


CLICK HERE for a downloadable spec sheet.

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