The 40 Inch Mill

This workhorse was originally designed for use in medium production bakeries who focus on milling most of their own flour. It is also very adaptable for small, specialty grist mills.


Our 40" mill is more than capable at milling a variety of grains but is best suited to operate as a tried and true flour mill. 


•40" Natural Barre Gray Vermont granite stones

•300 lb capacity stainless steel hopper

•Production rate: 100-125 lbs/hr when milling very fine flours; coarser milled products can be fed at a faster rate

•Canvas sleeve and bucket cover for 55-gallon bucket included

•Weight: approx. 2,500 lbs. (unloaded)

•Dimensions: 50"W x 60"D x 78"H

•Compatible with European and Australian power standards


•240v/50amp dedicated circuit 

For a downloadable spec sheet — CLICK HERE