New American Stone Mills is the stone mill building project of Andrew Heyn, owner of Elmore Mountain Bread in Elmore, Vermont, USA.

Andrew began building mills out of necessity. He wanted to use large portions of fresh-milled, locally-sourced grain in the bakery, and found that commercially available stone mills could benefit from design improvements conceived by thoughtful bakers. He spent months researching, designing and building a new breed of stone mill that uses locally quarried, natural granite, commonly available motors and parts, and the insights gained by working daily with stone mills in bakery settings.


The bakery, wood fired oven, and stone mill at Elmore Mountain Bread have become a destination for like-minded bakers as a working model of how a bakery can source grain locally and mill fresh on-site to produce healthy, delicious bread.


Our goal is to build a community of bakers who bring fresh-milled flour to their products and source grain from local farmers, to deliver the fullest nutrition and flavor to their customers. Every mill comes with the offer of our knowledge and experience to help you bring fresh, stoneground flour to your bakery.

Each mill is made by hand in our small shop in Elmore, Vermont.